First Baptist Church

Carthage, Texas

Order of Worship

November 27, 2022



Together We Sing                                          I Sing Praises

Welcome to Worshipers


Together We Sing                                             Emmanuel

                                                                      He Keeps Me Singing
                                              Lord, Lay Some Soul Upon My Heart




Giving of Our Tithes and Offerings


††At this time children age 4 – kindergarten may leave

for KinderChurch


Scripture Reading                    Blake Bardwell        8:30 a.m.

Romans 9:1-5                        David Fleming        10:30 a.m.


Solo Praise                                                             Marylou Smith


Message from God’s Word                                            Dr. Allen Tilley

                                                                                            Are You Dying?


Hymn of Response                   What a Friend We Have in Jesus