First Baptist Church Carthage, TX

Worship and Celebration

January 23, 2022


Together We Sing                                                                 Jireh

                                                                                          Build My Life

Welcome to Worshipers

Together We Sing                                                           Do Lord

                                                                                 The Love of God

Giving of Our Tithes and Offerings

††At this time children age 4 – Kindergarten may leave for KinderChurch.

Choral Praise                                      Jesus Changed Everything 

Scripture Reading                             Richard Reed      8:30 a.m.
Matthew 14:28-29                           Ron Willoughby 10:30 a.m.

Together We Sing                                  The Power of Your Love

Message from God’s Word                                       James McRight

                                                                             Your Comfort Zone
Time of Response

Together We Sing                                                   Seek Ye First